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How to Interface a sensor using IO-Link

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Thanks for the LV2014. I will look into it and post an update once I make progress.

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Hello Urs,

I do not think you are anymore interested in a reply (now !) taking into account you posted nearly 2 years ago. Anyway, you can download Labview,Tools, VI Package Manager … : NI Modbus library ( Version


Thanks to that Modbus library you are able to communicate with the Comtrol master via Modbus. Use VIs like Write Multiple Holding & Read Holding to access the IO-Link data



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We prefer to use Ethernet/IP to connect to IO-Link devices.

The company Kirschenhofer has programmed a Ethernet/IP driver that allows your application to function as a IP scanner.

You can download the driver for free HERE . I know they have a add-on for the IO-link master from Turck, but you might have to contact them directly, as it is not yet implemented into the standard library. I have tested it and it works fine.


Hope this helps.


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