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Ethernet/IP Driver 1.2


I'm Using Ethernet/IP Driver 1.2 to communicate with Compact Logix and Control Logix. I'm using Messaging Tag Read  and Tag Write VIs. 

Writting data to PLCs take too long time. I have question if all data are written to both plcs at the same time? Or at first one plc, next the second?


Thanks for help

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Hi Joana,


How much time does it take to write what kind of Tag? It'd be normal to be 20~30 ms per tag, though.


Tag Read/Wirte VIs are blocking, which means they wait until the read/write process is finished before moving on to the next read/write.

You can combine several basic types into a structure and transmit it using tag read/write raw so to save time.

If you transmit them cyclically without much logic (condictions to transmit or not), you may consider implicit messaging as well, which is faster. (2ms to 10ms, depending on network traffic and PLC workload, etc.)


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