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EtherCat Control of SMC JXCE controller problems

I am having an issue getting control of a SMC JXCE controller and actuator over EtherCat using a cRIO-9039. I have several Kollmorgen AKD drives on this EtherCat setup that are working fine so I think all my software is installed correctly on the RIO. I have version 2017 for everything I am pretty sure. I have added the SMC .xml file to the project and the master can find the JXCE and can import the mapping fine.


If I drag the TX mapping to a VI and run it in a loop, say for the Current Position, I can see that the position is correct and updates correctly. I am verifying this using the ACT software from SMC for setting up the controller run through a serial connection to my PC. I can use that software to "home" the actuator and jog it to positions and see the position reported to the RIO update correctly. If I decode the status word, I can see that the Servos are on (SVRE bit), the actuator has been homed (SetON bit), and it is in position (INP bit) when I am controlling it over the serial.


However, if I try to set the servos on (SVON bit) from the RIO, I get no response. I have tried it with the serial connection unplugged and the SMC software off in case there was some control conflict. The servos on bit is always off unless I use the SMC software and turn them on there. Basically it seems all the Tx mapping from the SMC is working fine but the Rx is not.


The other thing I noticed is the online device state for the JXCE is safe-operational. If I tell it to go to operational I get a device error with the explanation that the "Error data is lost".


If anyone is familiar with these drives or a similar situation any help would be appreciated.

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Just an update.

Never figured this one out. Switched to digital IO controllers and a lookup table of positions called by a BCD. Not ideal but couldn't wait to figure it out.



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