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EtherCAT Master in Ethernet Apdapter eth0 (Primary)


I am trying to communicate from NI-9063 to an panasonic servo drive using EtherCAT communication. We got into a problem were the primary port is not able to convert into a EtherCAT Master. Is there any way to change the Primary Ethernet port (eth0) to a EtherCAT Master.

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Have you install NI-EtherCAT driver on the cRIO-9063?

See step 6 in Setting Up EtherCAT on NI Programmable Controllers

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Thanks for the replay,

Yes I have installed Industrial Communication for EtherCAT, NI inherantly won't let us use the primary ethernet port for EtherCAT communication. But I am looking for some kind of command line method to make the primary ethernet also to EtherCAT.

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