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Ethenet IP drivers reconnection issue

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I was reading NI documents/posts on Ethenet IP drivers and i was wondering if the reconnection issue was fixed ? I am using cRIO not PC.








here is the issue that was posted to
" Hello NI EtherNet IP Users and Administrators ,

I am having a problem, that may be related to a bug in the Labview Ethernet IP driver.

I have a Controllogix PLC running an electro/pneumatic/mechanical workstation that also has a LabView application on a PC doing some high speed data acquisition and analysis. The symptom I am experiencing is that if I am online with the PLC and actively monitoring and/or editing the PLC program, while the station is running, the communication between the PLC and the Labview PC via ethernet IP appears to lock up. This requires a complete cold start of the PC to re-establish communications. Simply re-starting the Labview application does not re-establish the connection.

If I am not online with the PLC while the station is running, the communication does not lockup, or at least the occurance frequency is greatly reduced.

I saw that there is a newer release of the ethernet IP driver available, was this created to address a specific problem? If so would upgrading to the newer driver correct my issue? Thanks! "

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Hi sticyfinger,


From that thread, I think it's not definitive that it was caused by bugs. 


Have you met such erroneous behaviors?


I did not spot such an issue in the database though. I think you should upgrade to 14.0 because there are other fixes.

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 I did not encounter the problem i was just curious.  Thanks for the information.

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