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Error -1074388975 - DeviceNet Read Beta ver 2.1


Error -1074388975 - DeviceNet Read Beta ver 2.1



I was able to read Devicenet vendor ID using new available API. I have PCI 8532 card in my system.


I am trying to send a explicit command and looking for the response. I see no error when the message is written but when control goes to READ VI, I am getting error whose snapshot has been attached,


Error description says - Device with MAC ID not found, but I know that device exists for that MAC ID,


Please let me know what might be wrong.



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Re: Error -1074388975 - DeviceNet Read Beta ver 2.1

The error might be misleading. I see that you do not use a service code and data length input of your write VI. Can you try to at least put some value for data length in there?



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