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Dynamic PIL simulation of 4-20ma current loop sensor

I am developing a Processor in the Loop (PIL) where I want to simulate sensors communicating via 4-20ma current loop protocol. I want to be able to dynamically (ie, under control of a computer) program the sensor value.  I see NI has a board the implements eight 4-20ma receivers.  I am looking for a device which can simulate a 4-20ma "transmitter."  Note in my application, the receiver also contains the current source for the circuit.


Any suggestions or ideas?



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Are you talking about HART communications? If so, there is the AM-9898 for CompactRIO with 4 mux'd channels.

Andrew T.
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Thanks for the reply.


No, just talkin' plain old 4-20ma protocol without HART.  I will take a look at the product you mentioned; perhaps it would support the basic 4-20ma protocol as well as the HART.


Thanks again.


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Have a look at the NI-9265 module. You will also need a base unit. 






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