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Do I have to use LabVIEW Real Time with a reflective memory node?

For reference with an external data system that will be temporarily installed at a customer's site, they have asked that I tie into their data network to record data from their control system.  They apparently use a reflective memory network for data sharing.  I have no prior experience with reflective memory, but all references to it involve real time systems.  I do not need absolute determinism to acquire this data, I can be late by several milliseconds with no problem.  Do I still need to use LabVIEW Real Time to interface with the PXI reflective memory node?

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What PXI system are you using in your application? Also, what software are you currently using? 



Jordan G.

LabVIEW Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for the reply.  The only module I have researched is the GE cPCI-5565PIORC.  I have no prior experience with reflective memory, and the system has not yet been built; I am trying to design one to meet my customer's need.  I plan to write custom software in LabVIEW that will simultaneously collect dynamic data and poll the customer's reflective memory network.

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Hi AEI, 


I have worked with that card briefly before. It has a Visa based driver and RT isn't required. However, I haven't worked with the card on a non-rt system and am not sure if there any issues to be aware of. 


A lot of work has gone into integrating support for the card into Veristand, it may save you enough development time to use at an RT-Veristand system to be worth the extra cost. 


Jesse Dennis
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Thanks.  I have sent an email to my local NI technical rep asking for help with this application.  Being that I would be trying to distribute a system with three unfamiliar pieces and no way to simulate locally, I'm going to have to work closely with someone that knows what they're doing.

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