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Danfoss fc-102 Modbus TCP communication

I am trying to establish communication with a Danfoss FC-102 inverter through the NI modbus libary.  I constantly get a 'the Modbus slave does not accept the data address contained in the query. Function 3' error. But device identification works.  I try to read for instance the speed which is parameter 1617 which should be address 16170.

Does anyone have experience with Danfoss drives?

The led on the card is blinking indicating that it needs commisioning. But I don't know what parameter still needs to be set.

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Did you have any luck getting communication/control going?

I am just starting an application for this same drive and have made some sense of it but wanted to see where you got with it. The first thing i will say for what you had above is that i think the register you were looking at was a write only, not a read, but again i could be wrong as i have only just started to play with it.

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The register should be a read. But it turns out you have to do x10 and -1 to get the correct register.  Parameter 16-17 should be 16170-1 =16169  This wasn't very clear in the documentation to me.

You can also use the PCD's to map a parameter to the PCD registers.

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