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DF Profi II - Master Not Parameterized


I'm trying to get the configuration right for the DF Profi II card as a Master and connected to Anybus - HMS Industrial Network as a slave.

When i run the configurator II, it gives me below:


Slave 33 PROFIBUS-Status: Communication fault (0xC3)

Bit 1.1: Station_Not_Ready
Bit 1.2: Cfg_Fault
Bit 2.0: Prm_Req
Master : Not parametrized
ID_Number: 0x1003


On the Configurator II itselft, the slave frame shows Blue.


What does it means by Mater not parametrized?

BTW all LED on the profibus card are ON. Red, Green & Yellow.


Please help.


Thank you


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Hi Toyan,


The Red LED being on indicates that there has been a Bus Failure.  Are you running the example that comes with the the PROFIBUS driver?  Typically the error 0xC3 indicates that the DP Slave (the Anybus - HMS Industrial Network) is not in DataExchange mode, and as such it is I/O is invalid


To help further troubleshoot this:


- Please let me know what versions of LabVIEW, PROFIBUS driver and VISA driver you are using.

- Please let me know if the PROFIBUS VIs are providing any error codes

- Please check your cabling to make sure you are using a terminated PROFIBUS cable

- Please check to make sure the configuration file has been downloaded to your PROFIBUS Master

- Please check to make sure the baud rate is configured the same on both the Master and the Slave


These should be the most common sources of this error.  Please let me know if this helps.  Thanks!


Matt S.
Industrial Communications Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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