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Communication with Bosch IndraDrive


Hi LewisL,

The idea was to build a scanner code from LabVIEW to communicate with the rexroth device (that can be configured only as adapter).

It is impossible to do that with EIP Driver, so I want to know if there is any other way to do that?

Thank you.

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Hello giusceppe,


I could not find other alternatives than the one LewisL mentioned in terms of using Ethernet/IP. However, I am not sure your device does, but I know some IndraDrive Bosch devices support the EtherCAT protocol as well, which might be an alternative for you. Please refer to the following documentation.


However, in order to use EtherCAT, you would need a Real-Time controller to work as your Master.


If you definitely need to work with Ethernet/IP, unfortunately the architecture you are trying to achieve is not possible.

Camilo V.
National Instruments
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Hi giusceppe,


Maybe following the spec it's possible to build a scanner on your own. I don't think there is any other way to do that.

NI EIP toolkit is basically calling a library whose function does not include the scanner set, which you can think of as a license limit.

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I'm having a similar problem and I have just posted a question about the same situation. I'm trying to communicate with a Rockwell Kinect 300 Servo Drive. I checked it's manual and it's an Adapter only, not a scanner. 


So I have a question. Will I be able to communicate with it without a PLC in the middle, I mean, only using LabVIEW? Will I have to use the Explicit Message Functions from the EIP Toolkit? Or will it not work at all with only the Servo Drive and LabVIEW?


Thanks and best regards!

Luciano Borges
Test Development Engineer
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Hi Lucianogob,


Yes, no scanner, no implicit messaging.

Your option left is to use explicit messaging. Please refer to Access Identity Attribute (Explicit).vi and Access Assembly Instance Data (Explicit).vi

The manual of the Servo Drive should mention what kind of attributes with what kind of service codes are supported. CIP_Attribute_Set/Get_Single should be among them.

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Hello Cavarval,


It's true that the rexroth device does support EtherCAT but the Real-Tme controller "crio 9066" in our case doesn't support this protocol.

I saw many other subject talking about this issue of using the labview program as EIP scanner and i'm sure that they will be many other customer looking for scanner EIP LabVIEW solution.

As the Crio is widely used among the industry, it will be very helpfull to use it as a PLC that support any kind of industrial communication.




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You are right, the cRIO-9066 does not support EtherCAT. In this case the only workaround would be, as suggested by LewisL, using explicit messaging.


I really have no idea if using LabVIEW as an EIP Scanner is going to be supported at some point, but something you can do is make a post about that in the NI Idea Exchange forum. It is basically a product feedback forum monitored by R&D and if your post gets wide support from the community, R&D might consider implementing your idea.

Camilo V.
National Instruments
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So I'm trying to read/write to and from an IndraDrive controller via Ethernet/IP. Absolutely no success with explicit messaging, with implicit (Class:4, Instance:102, Attribute:4) I can read the drive just fine, at least implicit at (Class:4, Instance:101), explicit attempts create the message at the bottom , no matter which combination I try. Writing does not work at all, yet there's some change when I try to write to write to (Class:4, Instance:101, Attribute:4).


Then it fails with


EthernetIP CIP Set Attribute;

Details: CIP Error - Extended status may be available

CIP Status: 0x15 (Too much data)




Trying to write at Instance:102 will result in


EthernetIP CIP Set Attribute;

Details: CIP Error - Extended status may be available

CIP Status: 0xe (Attribute not settable)


Which is fine correct becauset 102 is the output of the drive.





Trying to read or write from /to any other Class/Instance will result in


EthernetIP CIP Get Attribute;

Details: CIP Error - Extended status may be available

CIP Status: 0x5 (Invalid destination/class/instance/structure)





Did anyone of you manage to write anything to an IndraDrive (using Ethernet/IP) ?







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Hi Alex323,


Have you checked the IndraDrive manual for its supported EIP access? It's possible that only read is supported for the assembly attribute.

As to the CIP Set/Get Attribute Single service, which classes which attributes are supported by them should also be noted in the manual. 



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