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Can we use cRio as Profinet Master?


We need to communicate with Siemens drive S120 which is Profinet Slave. cRio need to act as master. Is it possible? Do we need to have any additional c series module?

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I don't think NI has a PROFINET master, and I didn't find any third party cRIO modules.


We use Beckhoff's CX5020 controller including EL6631 PROFINET master module for communication with a Siemens ET2000pro slave system. Our LabVIEW program runs on Windows and calls the TwinCAT tcadsdll.dll library  in order to exchange data with the CX5020 controller. It works without any problems.

But then you need to find a way to establish communication between the cRIO and the CX5020. TCP/IP?

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Thank you.

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