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Alert with Data Logger (RealTime)


hi all,

i have problem about alert, now i was monitored a power meter, my problem is how to create alert event with data logger, i mean if the power decrease until <100watt then the Labview record the event when the power is down (date&time) and the datalogger is realtime on table. anyone can help me how to program it ? 


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Am I understanding it correctly that you want to log the event EACH time power drops below 100 watt? You only record it for the event of the traversing? 

I'd suggest you use Event Structrue + Producer-comsumer queque structure to do it.

That is, in a loop you monitor the event of the data value change, and enqueue the event data if it's below 100 watt AND its old version is above 100 watt. In the other loop, you do the file logging.

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