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ABB FENA-11 Ethernet/IP protocol newbie


I am trying to develop an application to communicate with FENA Ethernet adapter module with cRIO. My goal is to use TCP/IP communication to read and write data to ACS580 inverter. I am digging through FENA manual and can't find how to create communication frame to send or to read any data from inverter. Does anyone know what should I do, where can I find any examples, materials or something that will help me to control inverter from LabVIEW?

I know how to send/write simple data with TCP/IP but for now that's top of my skills.

I would be grateful for any informations and tips. 




ABB Fena-11 Ethernet Adapter module

ABB ASC580 inverter

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*Just to be clear i mean Ethernet/IP communication.

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