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Changing the CAN frame timing type while session in run

Hi All,

Query 1:

I want to change the CAN frame timing type property while session in run mode or already started. Here am facing issue stating that “Possible reason(s):NI-XNET:  (Hex 0xBFF6314F) Database object is locked because it is used in a session. Solution: Configure the database before using it in a session”.

Below steps are tried:

  1. Stopped the session which is already running and created the new session but facing same issue. Refer (Pic1)
  2. Tried from NI example “CAN change frame properties dynamically” this VI works before running the VI we need to define “frame “,”timing type” and “transmit time”
  3. Above VI works only cyclic and event not remote modes (Need suggestions for this also).

Query 2:

Observed that from the bus monitor triggered the CAN remote frame (Cyclic or remote) using (Transmit tab), I can able to see that corresponding frame visible with mentioned type in the Bus monitor window. Same if I tried using VI “CAN change frame properties dynamically “from NI example frame not listed down in the Bus monitor this only observed remote frames! Refer (pic 2, 3)

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