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Earthquakes and Shake Tables Have Something in Common


There is a beautiful town in Switzerland called Sion that has magnificent mountain views, crystal clear rivers, and map changing earthquakes. Sitting just a few miles away from the Swiss/Italian boarder, Sion and its neighboring towns expect to receive several earthquakes a year clocking in at a 2.7 or greater.


Sion Earthquake History.png

(Image taken from: Earthquake Track)


These are mere shudders compared to the earthquakes that hit the area every 80 years. These monsters have the ability to completely change the landscape. The last of these hit Sion in 1946, so residents are gearing up for the next “Big One”. And, they are preparing in an innovative way.


Check out my video where I get to sit in an earthquake simulator the size of a classroom. This is Impulse Response!


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