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Change Your Life, Right Now – Student Success Stories

I love LinkedIn. The ability to see someone’s choices in education, the pivotal changes in their career path, and the breadth of experiences that combine to qualify them for their current position is not only inspirational, but also telling of what it takes to get to one’s chosen destination.

I mean, do most people really ever stop and think, “What does it take to get a job at CERN, SpaceX, or Microsoft? Or, what does it take to start my own engineering firm?”


Google Search Results
It turns out that millions of people search “what does it take to get a job at [X company]” in Google, so yes, people do think about these things. It’s great to see we’re an ambitious society.

Google – about 168,000,000 results
Tesla – about 22,100,000 results
SpaceX – about 990,000 results
NASA – about 20,700,000 results
Microsoft – about 59,100,000 results
CERN – about 10,800,000 results


As an advertising major at the University of Texas here in Austin and an intern at NI, I’ve been given the challenge of proposing ways to better share the incredible engineering design projects that students build using NI hardware and software. And so, I’m stalking recent engineering graduates and past winners of the NI Student Design Showcase on LinkedIn.

I’m amazed at what I’m seeing! NI is a force that encourages, supports, and brings to life moments of overcoming failures and building even better solutions that young engineers can base the rest of their careers on. Programs like the NI Student Design Showcase, FIRST Robotics mentorships and partnerships, and LabVIEW Student Ambassadors are just a few of the ways NI does this.

Take, for example, James Chandler and Earle Jamieson of ReSolve Research Engineering Ltd. They were a part of the 2011 student design winners and their story of success, personal growth and professional development is clear.

James Chandler and Earle Jamieson, 2011 Student Design Showcase Winners

Their story begins by learning LabVIEW at the University of Leeds in the UK. While there, they enter and win the entire NI Student Design Showcase with their amazing Haptics for Tumor Detection in Surgery application. The two go on to found ReSolve Research Engineering Ltd and now use LabVIEW in everything they do. This includes making LabVIEW an integral part of one of the biggest research projects in the world, Kinelab!




Do you think your project is just as good or better? Share it with us!

27138_student_design_showcase_dm_header-SAMPLE copy.jpg

And then there are students who become natural “ambassadors” of the knowledge they gain and promoters of innovation in anyone they come across. One such student I came across is Leeviana Gray.

Leeviana (Leevi) Gray, LabVIEW Guru in College, Now Working at Microsoft
Leevi’s story begins back in her high school’s FIRST robotics program, where she iterated on robot designs and dabbled in LabVIEW. Fast forward a few years to her college career at Duke University, during which she earned an intern position with NI where she completely immersed herself in the LabVIEW language and became the person everyone came to for questions, confirmations, and evaluations. Her reputation followed her back to Duke, where she was known as the go-to teaching assistant for all things LabVIEW. Since graduation, Gray has gone on to become a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, where she is undoubtedly conquering their technologies and systems with the same focus and fury.


Leevi Gray

You get the idea. I mean just check out this student intern project aiming to improve the lives of those who are visually impaired.

See how they did it.


I can’t wait to see the 2017 student design projects. I know I’ll be floored once again. You can see them, too, at Academic Forum at NIWeek on May 22.

Now back to my research/”stalking” of recent engineering graduates. If I do my job right in proposing ways to better share these incredible innovations, you’ll have insight into more of these student projects and student successes. Add comments if you have any suggestions!