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Structural-X : Structural health monitoring portable system

Structural-X : is a static and dynamic structural health monitoring system fully customizable and portable.

The measured and calculated data are automatically sent to remote sites/servers by HSDPA/UMTS router.

Structural-X is a structural monitoring system that allows easy, quick data acquisition and automatic computation of derived
parameters by means of professional structural analysis. The monitoring system acquires signals from: accelerometers, strain
gauges/load cells, resistive, inductive and optical displacement sensors, inclinometers, ambient sensors (temperature, humidity,
wind speed. ..).

The product consists of a portable metal enclosure for signal conditioning and analog-to-digital conversion (connected to an
optional industrial PC via USB), and of a software application for channels setup, data visualization, analysis, storage and
remote management. The box is already configured for easy plugging of accelerometer sensors through BNC connectors, and
multipolar connectors for all the other analog sensors. Optional GPS and speed-trap modules are available.
Software functions included: per channel configuration ( threshold setting, triggering, input ranging, buffering, digital filters, ..)
and calibration; graphical visualization of acquired measurements in time and frequency domains (FFT); data storage on local
hard drive and upload to remote sites via HDSPA/UMTS/GPRS router, e-mail notification on threshold or alarm, local
and system diagnostic.

For more information - Structural-X: the structural health monitoring system

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