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NI 9265 has an external input of 24 volts but only outputs 7 volts

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I have a cRIO 9076 with two NI 9265 modules, one NI 9207 module, and one NI 9482 module. The issue I am having is with the NI 9265 modules. I am using an external power supply to provide 24 volts to the module but each of the output channels reads either 7 volts or 13.2 volts. I need the modules to measure 24 volts for each channel in order for the system to function properly. Does anyone know what is wrong or what I need to change to fix this problem? Thanks for your help.

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Hello Leroy_Jenkins


You are experiencing that behavior since the compliance voltage of the 9265 is 12 VDC max. (Page 13 specifications).


Sometimes the term "Compliance Voltage" in the NI 9265 specifications is confusing.  This specification could be explained to something such as "Maximum allowable voltage."


There is a discussion forum here that is going to clarify this point.

NI 9265 Compliance Voltage



Frank R.

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