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NI 9237 cannot measure strain on cRIO-9004(9103) but can it on cDAQ.

I can measure strain successfully when I used NI 9237 on 9172 cDAQ chassis and the example.
The example is Cont Acq Strain Samples (with Calibration).vi and has the follow path:
  Example finder>>Hardware input and output>>DAQmx>>Analog measurements>>Strain>>
But I can't it on 9004 and 9103 cRIO chassis despite of using same NI 9237 module and the shipped example; CompactRIO>>Specific module>>Analog input>>NI 9237 Getting Started.lvproj .
The meausred data by cRIO 9237 looks like random and frequently values in -0.25~0.25 range.
Is there any special setting to use the NI 9237 Getting Started.lvproj?
I'd like to know how to measure strain using NI 9237 based on cRIO 9004(9103).
I hope and thanks for your help.

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Hi _Korea,

There may be some configuration you need to do to get the 9237 example working depending on what mode the Strain Gauge is in.  If you right click on the module in the project explorer there are several configuration options available for you to chose.  Make sure those are similar to what was used fo the cDAQ application.  Also I noticed the example is using a DMA FIFO so make sure that you have the correct software installed on the cRIO RT controller ( i.e the current RIO drivers) and recompile the application.

Let me know if you have problems after you make sure the configuration is correct.


Steven B.

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Hi Korea,

"The meausred data by cRIO 9237 looks like random and frequently values in -0.25~0.25 range."

I have just started an application using the NI-9237 on a 9004 cRIO and had a similar problem. The example is for a full-bridge strain gauge and I had connected a half-bridge gauge.

The solution was to go in to the module properties in the project explorer and select "half-bridge enabled". Recompile the FPGA code and you should get the correct signal assuming you are also using a half-bride strain-gauge.


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There is an example how to calculate strain using ni 9237 in NI labview->help--> EXAMPLEs ...I think it will be helpful to you 

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