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Multi-channel decrease the file size.


I have implemented the code for to acquire the incoming signal with respect to NI 5783 adaptor module sampling rate 100 MSPS to store the data into file.

so the calculation for storing the file size is sampling rate is 100 MSPS and resolution is 14 bits. Its means 2 Bytes.

                                                                          = 100 MSPS * 2  Bytes

                                                                          = 200 MB per sec

So if i store the date into file for 60 seconds then the file size is 12 GB for single channel. up to this am getting the file is 12 GB as per calculations.

So when i do for multi channel(two channels) the file size(both ch0 & ch1) is decreasing from 12 GB to 9 GB. what was the problem for two channels ?

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