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Error -63040 NI-RIO Hex 0xFFFF09C0


Error -63040 NI-RIO Hex 0xFFFF09C0

Hello NI,


I have a problem using the NI sbRIO 9643. I was trying to run an example VI and it compiled perfectly but when it tries to run the program, the following message pops out

Error -63040

NI-RIO FPGA Communications Framework: (Hex 0xFFFF09C0)


I dont kwon what to do, can someone provide any help??


Ricky Z

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Re: Error -63040 NI-RIO Hex 0xFFFF09C0

Hi Rickyzamh,


In this link you can find information for solve your problem:


"NI-RIO Error -63040 when using Open FPGA VI Reference from Host PC"


I hope you serve.


Have a nice day.



Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD)
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