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ERROR -61018 when using PXIe-5641R in a PCIe slot


ERROR -61018 when using PXIe-5641R in a PCIe slot

Hi dear support engineers,

We are using a PXIe-5641R in a PCIe x16 slot(running at PCIe x8)of a standard PC. We have a self-made PCIe to PXIe transition board for using the PXIe-5641R in a PCIe slot. An error -61018 occured when running the labview examples from the NI-5640R V1.7 driver in LabVIEW 2013. We only connected the PCIe and smbus related signals from the XJ3/XP3 sockets. The DSTAR, CLK_100 and SYNC_100 is left unconnected for of no use in this application. The PXIe-5641R and RIO 0 device are both well identified in the system device manager and NI MAX, and the 5641R is well functional in the NI and ADlink standard PXIe chassis.


What could be the reason of error -61018? Is the CLK_100 or PXIe DSTAR must for PXIe-5641R? Please help to provide some help. Thanks!

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