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VAB worksheet l4.2.2 crashes

VAB worksheet l4.2.2 crashes


We use the Hyperception infinity boards.  The worksheet in Chapter 4 L4.2.2 Threshold and Negation p.209 Grayscale camera causes VAB to crash with memory errors and the application shutsdown.

The problem oocurs with all our boards. I've tried Windows 2000 and XP and numerous PC's but no luck.

Has anyone come across this problem before. One lecturer tells me that some of the worksheets did crash the system but he cannot  remember which and another lecturers tell me she has been using the worksheet for the last few years (I'm not sure about this information!!)


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Re: VAB worksheet l4.2.2 crashes

The LabVIEW Infinity Project software resolves this crash with the image processing lab. The VAB Infinity software contained an intermittant bug in one of the block components used in this lab.
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