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I have several Speedy-31s and want to add seats to my classroom running the Infinity Project.  I cannot upgrade all of the Speedy-31 seats.  Is it possible to run the drivers for both the Speedy-31 and the Speedy-33 on the same computer?  How is this accomplished? 
Or is it that I have to upgrade to the Speedy-33?
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Re: Speedy-31

The VAB Infinity software CD-ROM will allow you to install for either the SPEEDY-31 or SPEEDY-33 DSP hardware. The CD Key used during installation will determine whether the SPEEDY-31 or SPEEDY-33 version of VAB Infinity is installed onto the computer. The installation program does not provide a means of installing them both onto the same computer. That being said, it is technically possible for both to exist on the same computer but this would require some manipulation on the part of the user. The process would involve installing the SPEEDY-31 version, saving some relevant files/folders, un-installing, and then installing for the SPEEDY-33. Hand copying files, and modification of some INI files would provide a workaround solution that would result in both boards being available on the same computer with a single copy of VAB Infinity software. Regards, Steve
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