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Midi-OX Installation

Midi-OX Installation

I have Windows XP at home and having problems with the midi-ox installation     When I go to the “www.midiox.com” website for a download of their filesI am told that “XP is already up to date.”   Try it and see.  Since I am unable to get a download at that state then later, when following the midi-yoke installation process on pg. 7 of 11 in that process I am unable to navigate to the “oemsetup.inf” file which is obviously necessita for the installation process.
When I downloaded for my Windows 98 installation I did not have this difficulty as there was a download specified and available for Windows 98 which I clicked on and there at the magic moment the “owmsetup.inf” was available and accessible.

N.I. told me to go ahead and download the file from “www.midiox.com”, so I did.  I am still unable to locate the special OEMSETUP.INF file for my Midi-Yoke installation process.   As that file seems to vary from operating system to operating system I suspect that it must come from the MidiOx website but I have down loaded those files repeatedly and still am unable to browse to the OEMSETUP.INF file when called to do so.     I do a search (for files) and am not able to locate the desired file.   

Do you have anything else for me to try?
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Re: Midi-OX Installation

I have created a short Word document that contains some instructions for downloading, installing, and using the MIDI Yoke driver with VAB Infinity software for Windows XP. Please let me know if you have any difficulties or questions. Regards, Steve
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