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Analog i/O Speedy-33

Analog i/O Speedy-33


I have a Speedy-33 that seems to run fine with the example vis, so far.

As I want to use it for things like position controllers for example, I need analog inputs and outputs.
As far as I read, the connectors on the board are AC-coupled, so that I cannot use them. I have read about expansion connectors on the board, but the information about this, that I found on the ni-site is controvers about it.
Then I have read about a robotics daughterboard.

Is this useful for the task?
Does anybody have experience?

Norman Butzek
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Re: Analog i/O Speedy-33

The SPEEDY-33 does provide for the use of a separate motor control module, but this module does not provide any additional analog I/O than that supplied on the SPEEDY-33. There are several VIs that allow interaction with the motor control module and include RC Speed Control, Motor Drive Control, and Servo Drive Control.
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