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how to use LINX/Ardunio to control an I2C DAC with 10-bit addressing

We are interested in using a MCP4728 (Adafruit breakout board) DAC, controlled by an Arduino board. The MCP4728 uses 10-bit I2C addressing.  The I2C VI's in LINX seem to only support 8-bit addressing. Is there a way to modify them to support 10-bit addressing?


Thanks for the help

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Hey TSBelmont,


took a fast look at datasheet and could not find the information on 10-bit addressing. for slave addressing you should use:



and the write to output registers is also byte (8bit) addressed.



Can you describe a bit more your issues, needs, maybe share a code of what you have tried?

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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