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Web server for BeagleBone Black

I am trying to get a web server visible through the Data Dashboard app. I am able to get an html interface working with a web server, but I am unable to connect to the web server through the app (windows PC app, windows tablet app, iPad app). "All I can get is a Connection Error: Could not connect to entered server. Check the address and your wireless connection and try again." The Beaglebone is connected to a router by ethernet (and all devices are connected to this router as well), and I find the IP address for the web server with ifconfig on the beaglebone (inet IP address for eth0).


The web server works (confirmed by HTML page) whether I am deploying from my development PC or if I create a Real-Time Application that starts on start-up. 


To test functionality, I am using the tutorial project located here: https://www.instructables.com/Using-a-Tablet-to-Control-a-BeagleBone-Black-With-/ 


I have also gone through the makerhub tutorials for web server and data dashboard. On the data dashboard tutorial, he mentions that the only thing that was changed (between the project from the web server tutorial) was in changing the output type. I did not add a "flatten to XML" VI, but changed the output type through the web server properties.


Does this ring a bell for anyone? It would be great, but not a deal breaker, to use the better looking Data Dashboard UI interface. I just can't figure out why no app can connect to the server. Am I selecting the IP address wrong? Do I need to do port forwarding? We are using a ipTime router and I am just not too familiar with networking needs, but I have added a firewall rule (in addition to stopping the firewall rule on the 3 different OS's I've tried to use data dashboard). Do I need to configure the eth0 for the beaglebone in some other way? 


Thanks for any info you can send my way. @Rolf mentions here (https://forums.ni.com/t5/LINX/Raspberry-PI-Web-Services/m-p/4068663#M83) that stand-alone web servers for some debian images won't work, but I wasn't sure if that meant web servers within Real-Time applications or web servers generally. I also wasn't sure how the port number 3580 in the above link was selected, but I assumed it was by choice of that specific developer.

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