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Update lvrt24.1.0-2

Recently I upgraded my RPi development to LV2024 Q1. A couple hours ago, I also installed a software update to lvrt24-schroot_24.1.0-2.deb that was published earlier today. For me, this updated fixed the problem whereby I could not connect from LV to RPi running a LV application as a startup. Now I can terminate that application, connect to RPi, undeploy it, etc. Kudos to the developer!


One minor problem persists: I still cannot reboot RPi from within LV after deploying a new build to run as startup: after the dialog saying "... Proceed with reboot?", clicking OK returns "Unable to reboot the target. It may be offline". This is not a big deal: I can reboot it through the VNC interface.


One big problem that I am still having: my application runs a TCP server, and everything works fine when I interact with it while in LV on RPi (development mode). But if I build and deploy my application as a startup and reboot, I cannot establish TCP connection from my Windows client. This happens even though RPi is configured with "Network at Boot" checked. Adding a few more seconds of delay as the first action within my LV code did not make any difference. My TCP server used to work in LV 2023 Q3! Other parts of my application - NI-VISA interface to an RS232 device and the RS232 server in my program - work fine (I communicate with the RS232 server from Windows over a null-modem cable). Of course, this TCP problem may be of my own making: maybe I overlooked something. Still groping around for that elusive TCP problem...


I'd appreciate any insights into this this TCP problem!

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