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Unable to generate Linx Firmware Libraries - Arduino Mac Big Sur

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I have seen a few similar posts with same issue as me but no replies so hope someone can help.


I am running LabView on my Mac and am having issues trying to communicate with Arduino. I have Digilent Linx installed along with the maker hub toolkit. From what I have read on other posts it seems that the firmware wizard will not work with Mac therefore I need to manually install the Linx firmware onto the Arduino. The issue I am having is that the Front Panel that opens after clicking 'generate firmware libraries' does not work. I can select the Arduino library as my location but the 'Generate' button does nothing.


Any help with this would be appreciated 

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Accepted by topic author gg_rivers

The Diligent Linx version is NOT compatible with LabVIEW 2020, and never was supposed/tested to work on  non-Windows installations and NI hasn’t ported the Linx Toolkit yet.


They had the choice to wait releasing the Community Edition until they had ported Linx too or release the Community Edition for Mac and Linux without Linx. They did the second.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Hi Rolf,


Thank you for your reply, you have saved me wasting many more frustrating hours trying to get this to work!


Is it possible at all to use the Mac by downloading a previous version of LabView that is compatible with Diligent Linx? 

Thank you for your help.



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