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Unable to connect to Beaglebone black target in LV Project

Hi everyone,


I have successfully connected  2 BBBs, installed LV RT engine through LINX and added to my LV project . But when I try to connect only one was able to connect all the time and the other was not able to connect to LV project. I had success only one time with the other one. See the picture. This one is newly bought. Is it something to do with linux kernel version??

System details:


VI package manger 2014, LINX

BBB both have Debian Linux 8.3

Please help me with this.


1) Also I would like to know is BBB compatible with newer LV versions, like 2020?? because I had to downgrade to LV 2014 as a dialogue box appeared while connecting to these devices.



BB Project error.png



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Now, I get this problem.
How to solve it?



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