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Trouble Connecting Labview LINX to Beaglebone Black

Finally installed Beaglebone Black driver by disabling signatures in Windows 10.  Now I can't get the Labview LINX Target Configuration VI to run to connect to BBB.  When I select the drop down menu and click on Tools/MAKERHUB/LINX/LINX Target Configuration, I get the VI  with a broken Run control.  Clicking on Run shows no errors in the VI.  It seemed to run before I installed the BBB driver but could not connect to BBB because the driver was not installed.  Also I attempted to install LINX V3.01.192 using VIPM at some point and got an error 7 and some indication that LINX was already installed.  Could I have broken the LINX add-on? Can it be repaired?

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