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TDMS on PI4 not working?


I'm trying to save my sensor data on the Raspberry.

As a txt file it works without any problems.

as a TDMS file I get the following error message.

Am I doing something wrong or does the function simply not work on the Raspberry?

does anyone have any ideas for a solution?












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I think the TDMS functionality is not available on the Raspberry Pi. But, but the icons are there, I hear you say.


Yes they are there as they are an integrated functionality in LabVIEW, but they rely on external components in the form of shared libraries to work. And these shared libraries need to be ported and recompiled for every platform. I guess that did not happen for the TDMS functions.

Rolf Kalbermatter
DEMO, TU Delft
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I think this could work.

A first quick test looks promising.
I have to test more details first

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