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Successfully running LabVIEW on a RockPi S 512MB

Hasn't been a problem for me, whenever I reboot the rockpi I can readily reconnect from the labview project without manually starting the service on the board.

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Thanks you!

By add this content to /etc/systemd/system/labview.service,

Restart = always
RestartSec =5
StartLimitInterval = 0

I have solved the problem of service not starting after restart.

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It won't let me edit the original post anymore so hopefully people scroll down to see the post if they're having similar issues, which doesn't seem to always happen since I haven't had that issue.


Which OS did you install to your Rock Pi?

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I installed Debian Buster (10), which downloaded from https://wiki.radxa.com/RockpiS/downloads.

This issue only happen when i directly pull out the power supply without entering the shutdown command.

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@DerrickB wrote:


I'm getting in contact with a product planner at NI to try and find out more about the plan and future for Linx; it would be awesome to see the tools opened up more so that it's easier for people to add in new functionality and devices even if it ends up being an organized community effort. CE / Linx is an awesome start but it pales in comparison to the ecosystems provided by other maker communities and since there's no organized documentation around that I've been able to find it's impossible to get a feel for NI's plans for it.

Without trying to force you to reveal any company confidential secrets 😁, have you been able to find out some more about NI's future plans? The deafening silence about the future plans of NI for efforts like Linx is definitely hurting the initial enthusiasm in the community about the LabVIEW Community Edition. 

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Well with the new job switch and such I've been a bit swamped with getting up to speed on bits of the NI ecosystem I've only been tangentially familiar with. That call didn't reveal many concrete ideas. They were working on some stuff internally for being able to have "plugins" for different SBC targets and I haven't gotten around to catching back up with what they were working on or start working on the target wizard stuff I wanted to implement since I didn't want to touch too much knowing they were working on stuff that might break what I was doing. There were some answers that I didn't get that I was looking for like how the makerhub package repos are managed that will be pretty important to the wizard stuff I want to implement. That said just about everything I wanted to do will work as is if we don't care about everything showing up with the raspberry pi icon but it hinges on the project provider that enables the minimal RT target environment not changing much.


Over holidays I did some more non-RPi projects that would have been nice to not have to keep manually editing the packages to get them installed on 64 bit hosts so I'll probably get back to tinkering with better target setup in the next month or two as those projects grow and inevitably get redone.

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Great to know. Once my version of liblinxdevice is working with Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black, as well as a Windows version that allows remoting other Linx devices, I plan to look into the RockPi E as another device. Always have been looking for a simple embedded device with 2 Ethernet ports and the RockPi E seems ideal for this. Also like the easy extensibility of the RockPi hardware with their standardised emmc modules.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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