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Send value (0/1) from Labview to Arduino in order to turn on a Alarm buzzer

Before I describe my question, I must say that I am a complete beginner in Labview.

What I have:
I have a cDAQ-9189 with multiple cards reading pressures and temperature values.

What I need:
Every time a certain value drops below the minimum I need to set off an alarm buzzer.

The Problem:
I've been told that my current setup does not have a way to output a signal. To do so I need to buy another card that cost around 500€.

The question #1:
Can I use an Arduino with Ethernet Shield + Relay Shield to read the value and set off the Alarm buzzer?
I've red countless posts here and in other places, so I know it can communicate with the Labview computer.

The question #2:
Does anyone know if there is a better solution? (Besides spending 500€)


Sorry if my questions are dumb:
Thanks in advance.

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Please explain your setup more and what you need to accomplish so we can make sure you are on the correct path.


So a cDAQ-9189 does not have a CPU from my understand so where is the LabVIEW code running?  A PC?


Do you have to set a specific Alarm buzzer off or just make any sound?  If the LabVIEW code is running on a PC that same code could play a sound on the computer.


If you need to trigger a specific buzzer then how is it controller?  If you don't have that control capabilities on your cDAQ then you would need some other device to control the buzzer.  You could use the Arduino or a Serial device or another cDAQ card but the cDAQ card will probably be expensive if you are just looking to do something simple like control a relay or apply 5Vs.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Inkedcdaq_LI.jpgThank you for the answer and sorry for the delay in my reply.


I have a cDAQ-9189 chassis with the following cards 9208, 9216 x2, 9436 x3 and the code is running on a PC with Labview.I attached a picture describing the kind of setup I have, since the "systems" are not in the same place and use Ethernet to communicate, I thought I could use an Arduino and connect it to the Ethernet.


This way whenever a certain value drops below the acceptable minimum the Labview PC would send a value like "1" to the Arduino, vie Ethernet.
Upon receiving that value, the Arduino would trigger a relay and start the alarm buzzer.


Is this a viable solution?

If you need any more details just say.

Thank you.

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Yes, this is a viable solution.


So what I would do is to get the Arduino to LabVIEW process working and then you can integrate it into your overall solution.


Unfortunately, I cannot help with the Arduino side but if you post your specific problem then you may get others to help.  I believe you have 2 approaches:


1.  Use the Arduino IDE deployed and just have LabVIEW send a message to it to open or close the relay.

2.  Use LINX in LabVIEW and deploy your LabVIEW code to the Arduino.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Thank you for amazing reply's.

As I said I am really new to this "world" so I am taking some time to learn how things work.


In the next weeks I will try to get the Arduino up and running and then integrate it into the system.

As soon as I get it done, I'll post about it, maybe it can help someone else.


Once again thank you.

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