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Save to file on raspberry pi using Linx

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I am collecting sensor data using a raspberry pi and Linx and transferring that to a webserver running on the pi. Is it possible to save the sensor data on the raspberry pi or using the webserver? I have tried saving txt and tdms files but I didn´t get any error and I cannot located the file on the raspberry. 



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That's because the LabVIEW runtime executes in a chroot environment. That is a lightweight virtual machine solution for Linux. Lightweight because it doesn't completely virtualize everything but rather relies for some parts on the host file system. Basically your labview chroot environment is for the most part located in the host system inside /srv/chroot/labview. If you go there you most likely will see at least part of the filesystem that you saw from within the chroot directory.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Hi Rolf, 


I have access to the raspberry pi filesystem after applying the chroot ssh trick and using the System Exec.vi I can list the files in the /var/lib/schroot/mount/lv/usr/local/natinst/labview path. I thought that would be the place it would store files. But if I go to the /srv/chroot/labview then I see my text file!!! Thanks a lot! Strange that it didn't come up in the search I did on the raspberry pi - maybe I made a mistake. 


I didn´t see the TDMS file I tried to create, but as long as the text storing function is working - I´m very happy!


As a last note I really think that the Linx is a awesome tool. Now I have a webserver deployed that is collecting home sensor data and surveillance video from the raspberry pi cam and the esp32cam. With the option to control the pins on the raspberry pi to control other devices. 


Again thanks for help.


- Kenneth

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