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Save file to USB device

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Dears, I bother you to ask if it is possible to save a file to a USB device using Labview on my Rpi.
I have been able to easily save files to any folder on my Rpi using "Build Path", but am unable to do so to a USB device plugged into my Rpi.
I wait.
Total thanks.

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Have you mounted the drive?  Once it is mounted you should be able to see it and save to it just like you did for any other folder.  If you are having a issue with getting the correct path please post the exact pathing issue you are having.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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David, thanks for the reply.
I attach three images, one with the path where my Rpi mounts the USB drive, another with the small VI with which I want to create a .csv file inside the USB drive and the last one (NO_FILE) where you can see that the file is not there created in VI.
Doing the same with any folder inside my Rpi, yes I can create the .csv file. Of the latter, I also attach two images, one with the VI that creates the test_usb.csv file and the other with the file created inside a folder in my Rpi.
I hope it is understood.

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With the information you have provided I assume it is a pathing/access issue.  To confirm that you can put an indicator on your error out from the write to file VI.  What error do you get?


I assume that the issue has to do with the fact that LabVIEW is running in its own chroot and does not have access to the USB drive which is mounted in the root file system.  I do not have personal experience on how to resolve this but I did find this article which shows that you can give a chroot access to certain folders: Make an external folder available into a chroot environment.  I would try using this method to make a folder in the LabVIEW chroot which mounts the USB drive.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Accepted by Choke


Maybe this will help. I had similar issue a while back. 



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