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RPi 3 (WiFi) with I2C Potentiometer need a wireless Temperature Sensor


I have just setup an Rpi3 with and I2C DigiPot. The purpose is to control the heat system of my house (I bypassed the original pot that I always has to adjust to get a decent temperature when the outside temperature varies).


It's no hooked in, and I can easliy control the value via an LV-interface on my computer.


What I need now is an Temperature Sensor to create an automated adjustment = hopefully perfect temperature without having to adjust the pot manually 🙂


The main problem is that I need the temp sensor to be located far from the RPi...otherwise I could've just added an I2C Temp Sensor.


Question: Can anyone recommend a (I guess WiFi) Temperature Sensor that can be reporting to my LV-interface, or directly to the RPi?


Edit: In the future I hope to be able to have a web interface were I can change the desired setpoit (temperature) and do any other adjustments to the reg loop.


Best Regards, Viktor

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Hey Viktor, nice application!


i do have some sugestions that i tested myself and are working headless.


1) created an MQTT broker (this can be done with or without LabVIEW, i did without LV, by using nodered inside raspberrypi) an ESP32 with a DS18b20 connected, publishing on the broker and a LV application subscribing to the topic reading data.


2) an LinkitONE (without LINX) sending data though TCP dirrectly to port (5001 i guess) and listening on the same port using raspberry to get the data from TCP. In this case i used the BMP180 in i2c, and collected both temperature and atm pressure.


Possibly cheap application with Wifi capabilities.


i recommend the 1st because you can increase your application with differente sensors and topics.

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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Thanks Jorge!


Option 1 looks really good and I'll look into it asap 🙂


Best Regards, Viktor

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