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Playing WAV file on RasPi

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Is it possible to play wav file from RasPI Audio jack?

I am using LINX. It does not have anything related to playing sound. Play Sound.vi does not compile, as it calls a dll.

What else (if) can be done to play a sound file?

Thank you! 

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I am not surprised there is no compatible Play Sound VI in LINX as this would only really work on a Raspberry Pi.


What I would do is get the WAV file to play is play it from the Raspberry Pi Linx OS via the command line.  Once you know how to play your file from Linx then you can send an ssh command from LabVIEW to run it. 


Here is an example of what I am doing to run an ssh command from LabVIEW.




In order to get this all to work you will need Chroot SSH trick and probably Run ‘sudo’ Command Without Entering a Password in Linux.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Hi David,


Yes, thank you! I also found this SSH trick yesterday, and it works. I was about to post the solution, and found your reply. Thank you.


When you say "play it from the Raspberry Pi Linx OS via the command line" you probably mean Linux, not Linx? 


Hopefully this thread will help someone else in my situation

You can do greater things with LabVIEW!
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Yes, Linux not Linx.  Glad it worked for you.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Hi fomine,


In case you're still interested in wav playback, I've been working on getting my sound library (G-Audio) working on Raspberry Pi. It can now decode and play audio files (wav, mp3, flac, ogg) directly from LabVIEW running on the Pi, and has a higher level mixer API for loading, playing, and mixing multiple audio files.


It's still in beta testing at the moment, but if you're interested you can find the library, installation instructions, and a demo video in this thread: https://forums.ni.com/t5/Hobbyist-Toolkit/G-Audio-sound-library-on-Raspberry-Pi-beta-testing/td-p/41...


on VIPM, GitHub
Twitter: @Dataflow_G

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