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Oled SDD1306 String to Pixmap

for a project i use a 0.96 inch OLED SSD1306 display I2C with 128 x 64 pixels.

I can control it and write it using a 128x64 bit array.


I'm having some trouble converting a string to a bit array.

It works great when the VI is deployed and run from a PC, but when compiled and downloaded to the embedded target, it stops working.


the funktions i used do not work on the raspbarry






The examples are described here:



Picture Funktions and generating image bitmap also do not work on the raspberry.



Does anyone have an idea how I can convert a string konfordable into a bitmap?


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What microcontroller  board are you using for this code? Can you please share the full code?

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The embedded nature of the Pi means no UIs, which means no front panel terminals to get images of.


You can switch to programmatically creating the picture using the picture control functionality and using the methods to draw text onto a picture which you can convert to a pixmap.

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Gradatim Ferociter
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My solution is attached
control functionality did not work for me on the Raspbarry stand alone

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