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Not able to update the LabVIEW install on the Raspberry PI

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I have LabVIEW 2020 pro:

I have RT installed:

I have NI-VISA 20.0 installed



I down loaded the LINK software from VIPM:


I added the C++ redistributable.


I see this failure after I connect to the Raspberry PI:



Am I missing something here? I have looked over the forum and made sure I did everything where others have had the same issue but nothing seemed to fix this issue.

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OK so I uninstalled everything from the VIPM and reinstalled just the NI version of the raspberrypi stuff. The connection tool is slightly different. I am able to connect but I am still having a problem. The tool reboots the raspberrypi and then gets stuck and I see at the bottom of the waiting for the target to reboot....


It never seems to make it past this point. Any thoughts on what I need to do.


I do notice that I cannot connect if I use the hostname. I have to use the IP address to connect. Could this be causing a problem? I am able to ping raspberrypi with the command prompt. I can also ping the ip address and both send and receive with not loss. I am not sure what else I can do to make this work.

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Do not use the hostname but the IP address. The rapberrypi.local hostname or similar is a zeroconf/link-local/mDNS name. It does not generally work well, although it may seem to work in certain setups.



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Accepted by topic author aeastet

I uninstalled all of the LINX VIPM packages and tried to only install the NI version. This seemed to help. I also reinstalled VISA drivers because I add real time after everything was added. These two actions seemed to fix my problems.

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