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New experimental LV RPi/BBB installation feature now available

For years, we have been relying on the Target Configuration dialog to install LabVIEW to Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black targets.  This utility works but has some downsides: 1) the target has to have an internet connection available, 2) the target and host machine must be able to communicate with each other on a local network, and 3) the installation process has many steps which can occasionally fail leading to more opportunities for installation errors. 


In order to address these issues, we have created an alternative method of installing LabVIEW support to a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.  The alternative method involves one step: installing an OS image to the target which already includes LabVIEW support. 


Note that this is currently an experimental feature, and as such the primarily supported method of installing LabVIEW to support to these targets will be using the Target Configuration dialog. 


In the future, even if this new method of installation becomes the primary supported method, we have no plans of removing the Target Configuration dialog  since it will still support more installation scenarios. 


For more information on how to use this new experimental feature, see this link: https://github.com/MakerHub/LINX/wiki/Installing-an-image-with-LabVIEW-pre-installed  

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It says 21.0 and 22.3 does this not support 21 SP1 without making changes to the script?

Best Regards
Jonas Mäki
Consultant Manager
LabVIEW Architect
Novator Solutions
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Hi Jonas,


The 21.0 image supports LV 2021 SP1.




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Good, thank you!

Best Regards
Jonas Mäki
Consultant Manager
LabVIEW Architect
Novator Solutions
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A new Image for LabView 2023 is available for Download on Github, but the Link does not work, I get the Error "You don't have permission to access".

Can the creator please check the link again or did I happen to be too early to try the download and it overlapped with the upload?

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Thanks for letting us know.  The issue should be fixed now.

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Hi Ken,

For me it makes a huge difference !

All my previous installs failed to be recognised.

Thanks to this preinstalled image, it works marvelously !

Thanks and please please please keep this experimental feature on future releases 😄


LabVIEW Architect - Founder and CEO - Phalanx
Tout le succès d'une opération réside dans sa préparation. - Sun Tzu
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I've installed this twice and it stops at a flashing cursor instead of the normal Raspberry page. What now?


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