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Max32 and RS485

I am using one of the Max32 UARTs for RS485 but the control over the UART-RS4845 IC is too slow to be used.


This is the sequence:

Switch the TXEN and RXEN appropriately (none provided on the Max32 so I'm using digital outputs)

Send the data via the UART Write VI

Switch the TXEN and RXEN so the Max32 will receive

Read data


The time between the transmit and the TXEN and RXEN changing is averaging 25 ms, and needs to be under 1 ms.

There are no delays in this code which are causing the issue.


If I can get the code into MPLAB X I think I can solve it. I've not found any instructions for how to do that.

Sad that Digilent was able to put four UARTs onto the board but no control for RS485.


The tidiest alternative is to use the Max32 with no Linx/Makerhub VIs and program it directly and using the USB-UART as the interface.


Any help on this? I will remember you in my will...

Thank you

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Is this on a Raspberry Pi ?..........I've used a standard RS485 hat which does the RX/TX turnaround automatically and it works fine.


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The device is a Digilent Chipkit Max32, not a Raspberry Pi.

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