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Looking for advice - RFM69 Reading and Writing using LabVIEW

Hello there !

I'm working on a project where I want to read wireless accelerometer data with LabVIEW.


I have 2 Adafruit Feather MO RFM69HCW Packet Radio 915 MHz with me using the following logic:

Board1 + battery + Accelerometer ------ RFM connection ----> board2 + computer. 


Over the past few months (with long brakes), I was able to communicate with the bord1 (+accelerometer) to get the accelerometer data using the Hobbyist Toolkit ... when it was connected to the computer. 

Now, I'm adding the wireless component to my project.

With Arduino IDE, I'm able to make the communication. Board 1 transmits the accelerometer data and board 2 receive it. However, when I want to link it to labVIEW, I'm stuck. 


I tried to get the data using ISP communication (and the Hobbyist Toolkit), but I couldn't find what to do. I went deep inside the files used in the Arduino IDE and couldn't understand how the functions used to received and transmit the data were made (and thus, was unable to reproduise it in LabVIEW).

I could read the data using only VISA , but I'm not sure if (and how) I can communicate back with the board 1 to start/stop(sleep) it and calibrate the accelerometer. 


Does anyone would have any suggestion that could help me progress ? Should I focus on the SPI communication using the Hobbyist Toolkit or should I simply used VISA alone ?


Thanks !


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