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Linx firmware compatible with Arduino Nano Every?

Need to use an Arduino Nano in a project but I saw they now make the Nano Every at half the price with a faster processor. With a different MCU (4809 vs 328) is there a way to connect using LINX or do we have to wait for an update?

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Hi ! 

I actually also got stuck with programming a Nano Every with LabVIEW. 


Any idea anyone ? 




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i am also working on a project currently using arduino nao every. is it compatible with LINX? 



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Not out of the box. Are you able to tinker with Arduino firmwares and compile them yourself? Do you understand how the Arduino toolchain works on the command line for your particular target?

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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I am new to Labview. I want to setup a user interface for multiplexing circuit. hence, before starting with the actual user inteface on labview i was trying to setup the interface and check if a connection is been setup and a simple internal led blink works or not with labview.

Hence i am using LINX, and i tried to blink th einternal led but it did not work.


I am able to complete the LINX firmare setup sucessfully.

and when i run the led on off example i get the following error:


Error 5003 occurred at :

LINX - Blink (Simple).vi >>
Initialize.vi >>
Initialize Device.vi >>


Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW was unable to connect to the LINX device using the following settings:

Interface: Serial
COM Port: COM5

Please make sure that the LINX firmware is loaded on the device (Tools>>LabVIEW Hacker>>LINX>>Firmware Wizard) that there are no other open connections to the device, then check the configuration settings, and try again.

If this error persists please search, then post on the LINX forums at www.labviewhacker.com/forums/linx


Kindly help me with the same!

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