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Linx N Channel Digital Write VI caused loss of communication with Raspberry PI

I attempted to control a 4 channel relay board using the Linx Digital Write VI(N Channel Mode), but it caused my raspberry pi 3B to lose communication with host computer whenever I attempted to deploy it. I had to use 4 of the Digital Write VI's in Single Channel Mode for me to control the relay board. Has anyone else run into this issue? 

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Please can you provide the details of the relay module you are using and how it is connected to the Raspberry Pi. What equipment are you controlling with the relay contacts?

Does the problem occur if the relay module is disconnected from the Raspberry Pi?

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Here is the link to the current relay module I am using: 



At the time of initial testing the relays were not controlling anything. This problem occurred with the relay module disconnected, and using a different brand of relay modules.  

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Are you using Linx channel 7 (GPIO 4) ?
Check that the one-wire interface is disabled in raspi-config.  The one-wire interface allocates GPIO 4 and the LabVIEW runtime will exit because it is unable to access the GPIO channel.


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Indeed, some comments state:


gpio 4 is relay 1
gpio 22 is relay 2
gpio 6 is relay 3
gpio 26 is relay 4

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Yes I am using channel 7, 22, 6, 26. One Wire was not turned on during testing. When I modified my code and used 4 digital writes (single channel mode) the code load onto the raspberry pi and worked as expected

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