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Linx/Labview 2020 community install video?

Hello Everyone, 


Has anyone made an install or step by step video yet for the labview community 2020 and linx usage? 


I have downloaded the community edition, installed it and attempted to try it with my Arduino Mega 2560 board.  I can get the firmware to install when i do the Tools>Makerhub>Linxfirmware process.  The arduino mega board clearly is receiving information as the TX and RX lights are blinking during the firmware install.  When i attempt the blink example though, it errors out with a 5003 error.  I'm working if there is a step or something i'm missing, so i was hoping to watch an install video to make sure I followed all the steps. 


I have used linx in the past successfully with 2014 labview, and the linx tool kit from about 2 years ago, but am struggling with getting this new one to work right. 


Help help or links to the install help would be appreciated!!

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Must be Video? There is a documentation. Why don't you try it.


Let's enjoy the programming with LabVIEW Community Edition



Wasn't following article helpful?

LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Error 5003: A Timeout Occurred - National Instruments




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Thank you for these links i'll try them out. 

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They do have a course in their online courses called, "Getting started with LabVIEW 2020 Community Edition". I went through the RPi module and it was helpful. ALL their courses are currently free through "at least through May 31, 2020" as stated on their banner. Who knows what will happen after that. Seems like the Community Edition courses should always be free though.


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