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Labview with Linux

Hi all. I ask you, is it possible to use labview 2020 community editions with linux? Thank you all
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See here.


NI is looking into this and they would like to have this, but there are a lot of things that need to be done for it and porting some of the C code used in the Linx toolkit is just a small part of that.

The biggest problem most likely is the fact that there isn't an integrated license manager like for the LabVIEW for Windows version, so they are needing to decide how to deal with that. Developing a license manager to integrate into a Linux version is most likely not an option as it is way to expensive to do that, giving it away for free without any limitations is also not a great plan, as only honesty would prevent people from stopping to use it for commercial and educative applications and we all know that people are extremely honest on the internet. 😁

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Hi rolfk My system win7, LV2020 professional, RPI4B, hobbyist ( linx 3 diwnloaded from ni.com)

From menu toools/ target and dvices

I connect to rpi4 with actual ip address and user pi ,  my password 

Connction ok, install lvrt 20 successful and lunch blink example.

Create new target, find RPI4 and show its ip address, 

Add blink.vi to sub device, 

Now try to run vi,  shows conflict error with message labview connecting faild to target!!!

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