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LVMH repository down? 404 error installing RPI firmware

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@josujugo wrote:

Hi, Rolf. I am really interested in this timeline issue. if I understand well your words, NI is changing (has changed) its course. I am working in an educational institution and seems that NI has lost its interest in education. As you say, there is still a large investment into NI cRIO, PXI and LabVIEW by many big guns in the industry. But, are the basic and more modest applications of LV under risks? Will be those new big applications the absolute priority  ? 

I can't foretell the future. I do not think that LabVIEW is going away anytime soon. But development has slowed down and that is likely not going to change. There is some significant interest in keeping LabVIEW and some of the NI hardware going, also from other parties. But it is not the main focus anymore for modern NI.

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Ok, thanks for your opinion.



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